The Costs of Paper-based Processing

stack of papersMore than two-thirds of all businesses process paper invoices and even if invoices are received as a PDF via email, they, like paper invoices, must be hand entered.  Companies that process paper invoices, on average:

  • Spend over $15.00 per invoice
  • Take more than 15 days to process
  • Lose cash discounts
  • Don't reconcile on a timely basis
  • Have greater data errors
  • Must manage increasing paper volumes
  • Lower customer service levels

 The Benefits of Automation 

invoice red pencil 2Companies who have automated their account payable's process see: 

  • Heightened cash flow visibility
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Improved compliance
  • Working capital management
  • Greater accuracy
  • Better spend management. 

By reducing the tedious task of data entry, errors are reduced, personnel can be assigned higher end tasks that result in greater financial information.  Executives can now make more timely and useful decisions while AP staff can devote more time to customer inquiries.

What do Financial Executives Need

Business Growth 3Financial executives like CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers want to assure that revenue grows and costs stay low.  One of the biggest benefits of invoice automation is by digitizing invoice data. By moving this data from a bound piece of paper into the digital realm, visibility increases into the payable process.  As visibility increases better decisions can be made.  Here are a few of the things that financial executives want to see from AP automation:

  • Heightened Cash Flow Visibility
  • Reduces Processing Costs
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Fewer Exceptions
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance



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